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May. 13th, 2020

florida 07 08

friends only

If you stumbled here and wonder why the last entry showing dates back a long time ago, that's cos I've switched to being friends only since then. I'll add you if you genuinely want to be added. Comment so I'll know. If not, sorry, I've decided I need some sense of privacy in my life.

Sep. 20th, 2007

florida 07 08

because i love shamless pluggings

Join me on luckysearch and I will love you long time :P


Sep. 9th, 2007

florida 07 08

devil days

florida 07 08

I know you want to!

Aug. 18th, 2007

florida 07 08

shameless plug

Frogpond Badge

Apr. 10th, 2005

florida 07 08

please excuse me while I rant

Come back later for more happy thoughtsCollapse )
florida 07 08

Oh wha a night

Friday night - sp0n, sp0nsis, sp0nsisbf, sp0nsisbf's friend and me (ok the whole sp0n ____ is funny) went down to Georgia Tech to catch Group X. The opening band was a complete bore. Their songs sounded the same, they sucked vocally and lyrically and the songs went on for too long. Group X came on and they were funny. They had some games on stage which was cute. sp0nsisbf got pulled up. The only sucky part was on the second last song they pulled the prank of saying if anyone interrupted their song they would leave and so they did and they left and then the crowd was told they had to go out and when the band came back they would call us in. So we all went out and came back in which I thought was dumb and unncesarry since the place was packed. They played 2 more songs and some college kids decided to mosh on the last song. wtf.. moshing to Group X??

After that we had a very late 12.30am dinner at waffle house.. mmm MVP special.

I also learnt that you can't buy alcohol after 12am in Gwinnett County from the stores. sucky!

Saturday - the whole family went to Maggiano's for lunch-dinner. We had the family special where you order 2 salad, 2 pastas, 2 entrees and 2 desserts and they bring you more if you finish it. We ate our fill and the food was really good. The nice thing.. its only $13++ per person.

Apr. 5th, 2005

florida 07 08


i found out today is sp0n's dad bday. So I guess that decides for me that I won't be attending the prayer session. I feel kinda bad. I told them I'd be there but I guess it justifies watching AI. (Please let hole in throat boy be the next to go!)

I just got back from special ed. client. I feel exhausted. The session went pretty well. I got him to say a few words. Nice. Also received word that they're emailing me more clients.

My parapro assesment results is supposed to be in the mail today. I guess they mean in the mail on the 5th doesn't mean in MY mailbox. ah well...
florida 07 08

The monster of procrastination

I have a client at 3.30pm. Probably will get there a little earlier so I can finish up earlier and beat the traffic. I am procrastinating about going to the spirit and truth session mainly cos i feel so exhausted. A part of me wants to go, another is saying "No stay home and watch AI and go to bed early." Which will win?

Payday at daycare job today. $100 more than the last one which is odd and nice at the same time. I really should jot down the hours I work because I never keep track.

sp0n and I are going to Chatanooga, TN on the weekend of the 15-17th. Our first wedding annivesary. Technically we're civilly married on Dec 30th 2003 but we had the church wedding and the whole she-bang on April 17th 2004. We're going river rafting on the Ocoee river, visiting Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain, The Inclined Railroad and the Railway Museum. fun times :D

I love how it's warmed up and that everyone is cutting their grass and when I drive with my windows down through the backroads I can smell freshly cut grass. My car needs a wash. It has pine tree sperm all over it that the bees seem to be attracted to it.

Apr. 1st, 2005

florida 07 08

deaths in a week

First off R.I.P Shiavo and Bass wolf.

Remember the concert sp0n and I went to last friday where Guitar wolf performed? The bass player died of a heart attack yesterday. It felt really odd and chilling having watched them play and me being all the way up front even touching him. Such a waste they were pretty darn good on stage.

The Pope is gravely ill and if it is God's will I hope he returns home peacefully. He is indeed a great man and I'm glad I got to see him in person back in 1995 even if it was from afar. Hey I got his picture! Anyway, he's been the pope all my life and its definately going to be a great loss but also a new beginning for the catholic church if/when he dies.

It's been a crazy week.. no april fools here.

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